All Kung Fu and no play ……

November 15, 2009

And before anyone goes thinking it’s all kung fu, kung fu and more kung fu in Penang….. Here is a clip to prove you wrong.

Like I mentioned, Peter Lum, my Zhou Jia sihing manages a café along the famous beachfront Gurney Drive where the beers are cold and the ladies are hot!

In the clip, you’ll hear me yelling “What is tiu tiu?” in Fukien, 2 words that are heard all over the song.

Well, believe it or not, Carnation Café like wine shops you see in wuxia movies, also doubles as a meeting ground for Wulin high hands…

It was there that I first met many masters and discussed our 2007 Martial Arts Gathering that was held in Penang town.

Anyway, I still got no clue what is “tiu tiu”……….guess I shall have to go back again to investigate…….hahahaha….

P1070212 Peter Lum, my Zhou Jia sihing.

P1070252 Chas looking all “drunk”…..eerrh maybe not with the beers …………..

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