Wushu Association Sarawak.

October 31, 2009

Might not be my “thang” – competition Wushu, but I cannot deny that the level of dexterousness must be demanding.

Looking at some of them going through their routines, their commitment is so clear cut.

When I was at the Wushu Association of Sarawak training hall the other night, my reason there was to talk to some of these  athletes for addition into our book, we are featuring the young generations of Chinese of Sarawak in one segment.

Some of these athletes are national and all of them are state’s level representatives, the crème de la crème of Sarawak Wushu.

The age ceiling for them is 23 after which they are no longer eligible to compete in the National Sport Wushu Competition and talking to James Ting, their coach, I was told that the plan is to switch some of them to Sanda competitors…….

Well something tells me they will excel in that too…….

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