Soree……me bad boy…..

October 31, 2009

Again, a public apology to those who left messages over at youtube and facebook ………and I fail to answer.

You see I am really swarmed with work commitment and the last thing I want for now is to join groups and friends and then fall flat.

Work, this blog, my 4 cats and 1 dog is taking up almost my entire day.

Plus working on translations, preparing articles for a local newspaper (yes, yours truly will be starting on a weekly column talking about ….. ta da…..martial arts) ……

Then in a couple of day’s time, I will be on the road again ….. jeeze ….. this is a good time to think about that Apple Iphone … stay “connected”…..

Once again, thank you for writing and please look the other way if you don’t get an immediate reply.

Ooops, time to feed the cats again.


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