Dancing with the (Kung Fu) Star……

October 30, 2009

Got an email a couple of days ago from Wayne Welsh, a good friend in Colorado and a Pak Kua longtime teacher; spoke about him briefly in one of my earlier entries right after my US trip last year.

Well, the email is about Mark Darcascos, you know the star of movies like “Crying Freeman” and “Only the Strong”….. I was told there is this TV series “The Iron Chef” that has Mark in it;  don’t know anything about this cos I don’t have cable TV remember?

So here is the story – Wayne and Mark’s father, Al Darcascos are tight, so tight that Wayne used to baby-sit Mark.

Now Mark is involved in the “Dancing with the stars” thingy that is happening over in the States and the mail is garnering for support for Mark …..

Here is the link and if you’re a fan, you know what to do…….


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