Close encounter of the “Crane” kind.

October 30, 2009

First met James Ting, Chief Coach Sarawak Wushu Association, some 5 maybe 6 yrs ago …….

In the locality where I live, there was this Chinese tea shop that we used to hang out, me after my landscaping day and James, after his Wushu sessions.

I remember, there we were with a bunch of local Aikido and Judo guys, coach from China, we would kill hours just trading experiences in the various arts.

James, apart from completion Wushu, spent many years in the pursuit of TCMA and even went as far as formulating a hybrid style composed of the many styles that he acquired thru the years; hey, this is a guy who is almost 60 but looks anything but ….

The one shared passion, when the 2 of us sit and talk, is traditional stick fighting and the assorted skill sets that got replanted all through the 200 to 300 years of Chinese history in Sarawak.

And one name kept popping up; Shen Fong Fa or Sim Hong Huat in Teochew.

GM Sim is acknowledged by the local TCKF fraternity as the leading personality in the founding of the Wushu Association. Back in the 80s, before competition Wushu, Kung Fu around here was all about “lei tai” which over the years started declining due to lack of support.

A TCKF veteran, GM Sim studied with some of the biggest names in the world of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Names that include:-

  • Li Teck – Hakka Tiger.
  • Li Zai Ruan – Wuzu and White Crane.
  • Li Kiang Ke – Shaolin White Crane.
  • Huang Yi Ing – Fuzhou White Crane.

Due to various reasons, I was only able to meet GM Sim quite recently and straight away, got into the thick of action, so to speak.

The opportunity to interact with someone with so much Crane exposure is rare, to put it mildly……….

So, it was “touching hands”, comparing and analyzing the Crane like never before.

What is GM Li Zai Ruan’s Crane like as opposed to GM Huang’s, why is GM Li Kiang Ke’s often mistakenly quoted as “flying crane”…..

And just when I thought we had enough, out came the sticks, in 3 different lengths and the iron ruler and we found ourselves pulled right back into where we started.

So before I left the Wushu Association’s training hall and instead of saying goodbye, GM Sim and I just decided on another day to meet up again.

More Cranes……….


P1060448James Ting


P1060494P1060501GM Sim


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