Talk Kwon Do.

October 29, 2009

Here’s something else that really get on my nerves sometimes; those who are trying to over-intellectualize TCKF.

You know the type, they filled paragraph after paragraph with hypothesis and speculations, usually using obscure nebulous terminologies, to bamboozle those uninitiated; subjects could range from “chi” to “5 elements” “jin” etc etc…….

Well, my position is VERY simple – show me what you can do, I don’t care if it is chi, jin, 5 elements hand or whatever ………

Walk the talk – what you going to do in a real fight situation? Out intellectualize your attacker???

Maybe you are planning on baffling them with your theories; taking the art of deception to a new height?

There was a time, not too long ago, when it is flattering to describe an art as “clear, crispy and simple”.

All these hypothesizing, to me, are nothing more than “flower fists and embroidery kicks”.

Here’s something that I found on youku; got no background info but whatever that might be…..

I just love the “clear, crispy and simple” techniques.

Remember folks, you really got to KISS more.

Keep it short and sweet     🙂

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