Twist & Shout – STOP !

October 27, 2009

Typically when I download documentaries from mainland/Taiwan or Hong Kong sites, I simply take out out the kung fu “action” segment for re-uploading on to youtube.

But here’s one that I am keeping narrations and interviews intact because I think it’s a real revelation.

Particularly for those of you raised on works by contemporary self-styled “experts” mushrooming everywhere online – boy, together the hot air they generate can float many balloons and go round the glode!

You know the“Southern Shaolin is a myth” and “Principles of this style and that style” highfalutin theories based on who knows what cockamamie resources they use.

Back some 15 years ago when it dawned on me the worth of collecting oral traditions, I embarked on a journey that lasted until today.

Elder after elder of diverse styles I spoke to shared with me almost analogous histories about Shaolin and Southern Kung Fu and it is bewildering to read works questioning the role of Shaolin in the overall development of CKF.

Well, you know the popular arguments put forth; who ordered the burning of Shaolin, what records attest to this, is Song TaiZu as dominant as some described in the formulation of Southern TaiZu and eventually Wuzu …….

This documentary will provide you with some of the answers….

And if you have never heard of  “Si San Za Zhi “ “Jian Jin”, “Yue Da Yu” and recent Wuzu/Taizu researcher and author “Zhou Kun Ming”………you probably don’t know enough …….

Stop posting your snake-oil!!!

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