The other short-range boat Kung Fu.

October 25, 2009

It’s used for close quarters and on board boats fighting. It is Southern and advocates hand techniques … so it must be …..???

If you say Wing Chun, well in this case, you are wrong…. I am referring to WenZhou Chuan or Boat Fist.

“Wenzhou (simplified Chinese: 温州; traditional Chinese: 溫州; pinyin: Wēnzhōu) is a major city in southeastern Zhejiang province of the People’s Republic of China.”

In one of my earlier entries, I mentioned the 5 divisions that fled during the sacking of Southern Shaolin; one of the divisions, according to many CKF elders in Asia, found new home in Zhejiang.

In the clip I uploaded; you are going to see portion of White Crane, Praying Mantis, Monkey, Tiger/Crane, 5 Chickens and a “7 Tigers” form done in a narrow alley way.

The way they deliver their techniques ….. You’ll pick up a distinct flavor.

It’s like what I said many times before – you got your Wanton, Prawn, Beef, Fish Ball, Kolo and Kampua…..

All noodles but they all take different skills,efforts to prepare and they all taste distinctive.

Arrrgh, you won’t know what I am talking about until you tasted it yourself…….

And no research or study of Southern CKF is complete until you look at Zhejiang Quan – a major piece of the overall picture……

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