Wu Bai or otherwise known as 499 + 1……

October 24, 2009

“Solitary bird on the branch” – White Crane???

Nah, Wu Bai and his Fukien rock n roll, something I got blasting on my speakers this morning – hey hey hey! It’s a Saturday ……….

Got this off wiki :-

Wu Bai (Chinese: 伍佰; pinyinWǔ BǎiTaiwanese MinnanGō·-pah, born Wu Chun-lin (Chinese: 吳俊霖; pinyin: Wú Jǔnlín; Taiwanese: Ngô· Chùn-lîm) on 14 January 1968) is a Taiwanese rocksinger and songwriter. He formed the band Wu Bai & China Blue with Dean “Dino” Zavolta ondrumsYu Ta-hao (余大豪 Yú Dàháo, aka “Big Cat”) on keyboardsChu Chien-hui (朱劍輝 Zhū Jiànhuī) on bass guitar and Wu Bai himself on lead guitar and lead vocals. Labeled “the king of live music,” Wu Bai is considered to be one of the biggest rock music stars in East and Southeast Asia.[1]

I agree with that intro except that I don’t think he is one of the biggest rock stars in the East.

He is the biggest!!!

Si peh hot ……….

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