History – it’s Alive!

October 22, 2009

Okay, time to get serious (ahem ahem) and talk a little about “work”…….. Where is my Carlsberg?

I’ve been mentioning the book that we are publishing slated for launching 1st quarter of 2010 and here is a “synopsis” of sort.

Named “Chinese Of Sarawak”, the book sets out to trace the journey of the Chinese that started 200 – 300 yrs ago until the present times.

So implicitly, a section of the book will focus on the past and for that, we have engaged the expertise of 2 leading historians with definitive published works to their names.

Plus, we have another Taiwan anthropologist contributing his forte in the area of “cultural localization and evolution” to enhance that facet of the book.

Personally, this book will be exceptional because of our approach to the culture, customs and practices of the Chinese in Sarawak; we interviewed many regular Chinese, from the various dialect groups to hear and record their traditions and views of thing Chinese.

So, in a sense, you could say this is history and cultures as seen thru the lives of everyday’s Sarawakian Chinese.

And it is this task that has taken up more than a year of our time, travelling all over to spend time with 3rd generation farmers, loggers, cooks, tinsmith etc etc ….

Not forgetting that Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine, always a vital part of any Chinese communities, needed my personal attention. Many CKF masters would open up only if there are comfortable and it takes a while to create that comfort zone.

Then there is the all important part of actually writing the book; the editorial team.

For that, we are very happy to have an “editor-in-chief” of a local newspaper at the helms.

With our aspiration of putting together a “groundbreaking” book chronicling the Chinese journey, we are really pushing for the best in every detail.

Especially if the patron of the book is none other than the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak himself; you really need to produce something fitting.

You know, in preparation for the book, we have taken thousands of pictures.

And with a ton more from the various archives & personal collections of folks we spoke to ………….. it can get a little “overwhelming” …..Avalanche I say!

Annnyway, here are a few samples from an old book:-

old pictures003old pictures004

old pictures001

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