The 5 and the 8.

October 19, 2009

Buried somewhere in this blog is an earlier entry on “5 Animals 8 Methods” – a northern expression of the famous Shaolin 5 Animals.

And if memory serves, I think I might have uploaded a book pertaining to this, I vaguely remember … only problem is memory serves “intermittently” these days hahahaha……

Annnyway …got a few editions of this form in my collection – all slightly “dissimilar”. I got a very early Shaolin documentary series with a monk doing the entire form and that was the closest to the book, in my encounter so far.

In this clip I uploaded to youtube, you’ll see 2 separate versions; the first by a Shaolin monk and followed by what looks like a “walk thru”.

Whatever the case, both appear to be truncated, much shorter than the original forms which must consist of over 100 movements – kind of like most southern 5 animals forms.

I was told that even Ven Sek passed down a Fukien Saolim 5 animal form – something that I’ve not being able to nail down so far.

I’ve seen the 5 Saolim individually; got most of them on old VHS tapes but all 5 in one single form ……..

Well, that’s what make any hunt exciting…’s the journey and not the destination hahahaha …

Time to call Mr. Carlsberg.

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