I hate Chinese Kung Fu !!!

October 19, 2009

This I don’t get – you go to some forums, Chinese Kung Fu forums and you see some folks in there knocking CKF; the training is obsolete, the techniques are not practical, forms are unrealistic and the list goes on and on.

Fine, you don’t like CKF but that doesn’t mean that others must feel the same.

CKF signify different things to different people; a cultural identity, art form, fighting method, keeping fit and not forgetting some are there for “spiritual” reason.

I can’t speak for anyone else but personally, it’s an” heirloom” passed down by generations before me and now I am expected to pass it on or be guilty for “killing” it – something that I not about to let happen.

So, if you don’t like CKF, fine go do something else and be happy and leave CKF to those who care.

With the multitude of styles available these days; every concoction and flavor available, I am sure you’re able to find something to satisfy your taste.

And with that, I like to share something else that I really like – Celtic music by Scottish singer Julie Fowlis; got absolutely no clue what she is singing but the music …..ooooooh…..

So you see, life is not all Kung Fu, cats and Carlsberg.

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