2 more clips.

October 18, 2009

So there goes another weekend …. So it is true then, time and tide really wait for no man….

Spent my Saturday talking to a “Lion/Dragon” performance troop and their set-up and the styles of dancing that they do; it’s fascinating to hear this group of young men talking about their passion in sustaining this traditional art form and when asked why, they simply said that it’s a “Chinese” thing to do.

It is not always about being relevant or congruous with these modern times but simply keeping something alive because it is who we are and it is expected.

I see this everywhere in Asia albeit in varying degrees; every race holding on to something left behind by their forebears – it could be the foods, the rituals, music and in some cases the performing arts.

So folks, if I should come across as a little “intense” when it comes to preserving TCMA…..don’t shoot me.

Other Chinese are into the literature, calligraphy, music, etc etc ….my plate is filled with CKF …..

Just uploaded 2 more clips on to youtube:-

The first is a nice clip of some Tai Chi and Emei applications. The Tai Chi portion reminds me of the Tai Chi I used to watch as a kid. None of that “chi-blast” garbage but some solid applications of techniques from the form – can you spot the “snake creep down”, “pointing at groin punch” and “returning tiger to mountain”?

The 2nd clip is really interesting; you would imagine a White Crane exponent to be whipping in that manner but the Sifu is doing some Hakka Pak Mei. When I first met Sifu Francis Ling, Hakka Shaolin Praying Mantis in Sibu, he was showing me techniques in the same exact whipping manner. I remember thinking to myself that this could be restricted to his particular line …..Evidently I’m wrong.

So why the fascination with this method, you may ask…well, in White Crane, the way your “jin” or “energy” is expressed says everything about your lineage. You cannot get a stronger signature.

This style of whipping is synonymous with Fuzhou MingHe or Singing Crane.

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