WCK – Wing Chun or White Crane?

October 15, 2009

This is personal, as a “Crane” man looking for plausible connection with Wing Chun; a much discussed topic on many many mainland forums with all sorts of opinions/perspectives thrashed …..to death in some cases….., I usually just keep to Cho Gar and Mai Gei Wong Wing Chun.


Well, hard for me to explain with words but there is something about these 2 WCK that, to my eyes, suggest “Crane”.

I must have viewed my collection of these 2 WCK hundreds of times and still I cannot really put my fingers to exactly why they imply “Crane”.

Maybe it is the more “circular” way they are executing their moves or the rhythm and if only they do it less “internal” and the “Swallow, spit, float and sink” features are more pronounced “externally” ….. I would call “Crane”.

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