So what do I know ???

October 15, 2009

Aha, someone left a comment about my preceding CLF clip; the form is “dai sap ji kau da” according to this person.

Hey, I was told by my friend on the mainland that this form is stipulated competition material and I don’t do CLF so …. don’t shoot me.

On that note, I got another clip uploaded – something from Li Jia Jiao or Li family sect.

Reading materials point to 2 separate Li Gar found in Southern China. A “Cantonese” and another Hakka “Li Gar”.

The form in the clip, personally, looks like a cross between typical Cantonese and Hakka hand methods.

One would expect longer range strikes from Canton and more “hands out stay out” mode from the Hakkas. The clip shows a little of both ……..and then there is that Wushu Nanquan opening salute …….

Aaarrrrgggh, what do I know !!!!

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