The fighting mantis and the Hero.

October 10, 2009

And before I put together a photo-slideshow of my recent trip to Sibu ……

The show is to prepare Chas, scheduled to be here next month and my plan is to take him to Sibu and then Penang and Singapore; this being his first ever Sibu visit ……

Can you believe how fast time flies – it seems like it’s only last month that he was here with Peter Morson, both from that “sleepless” town in Washington hahaha …and I even know why too …… Starbucks got everyone hooked on their products hahahaha….

Eeerrrrh, Starbucks … originated in Seattle …. Got it?

Well, anyway I was browsing around on youtude and found this really nice clip; a young-looking Sifu Wilson Wu demonstrating 7 Stars PM and Hap Gar techniques applications.

Really crispy execution, imho, and reminding me of the old CKF idiom “Fast and not muddled, soft and not wobbly”

It’s seeing clips like this that makes me think – it’s not all a lost cause afterall.

There are still some good “sons and daughters” of TCMA around.

My hat off to you Sifu Wu and my deepest respects to your teachers.

The clip goes black towards the end but wait a while and then you’ll see Sifu Wu doing “Beng Bu” …. brilliantly.

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