Thursday the 13 (spears).

October 7, 2009

Hmmm, so Por Suk’s Cho Gar Ban Chung Wing Chun got their “6 and half pole 13 spears”.

Hungga got both “6 and half pole” and “13 spears”….

Connected somehow?

Maybe some of you out there want to join the dots and see what picture comes out….me, I am up to my nose with work.

I uploaded Por Suk’s clip a while back and now Hungga’s 13 Spears …..

Don’t you just love the song in the back ……

In the faraway Far East, there is a river named “Chang Ziang” (long river).

In ancient Far East, there is a dragon called “China”

And there is a group of people known as “Descendants of the Dragon”.

Black hair, black eyes and yellow skin.

Forever, Descendants of the Dragon.

Okay, feeling a bit “Chinesey”, think I will have some Chinese Dim Sum and Chinese tea for breakfast ……

Nah, maybe not … around here dim sum costs a bomb.

Some egg sandwiches and coffee ….. or Indian pancakes dipped in spicy hot curry ……

Don’t think I’ll be any lesser descendant of the Dragon …… hahahaha….

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