The older the ginger, the more it bites!

October 3, 2009

Using this popular Chinese proverb to throw a couple of things off my chest ……

Firstly, the clip, a older man (I presume a “Sifu” ) executing the same Hap Gar Big Lohan form.

Compare that with the younger guy in the preceding entry doing the same form and I got to say that younger guy is really sleek in his delivery; you can still see the Sifu’s experience shinning thru, the focus, fluidity and the kind of energy that can only come with years of polishing.

And this is only one case, I could find many such examples regardless of styles and even in other disciplines – nothing and nothing substitute experience, the months and years of honing – there is basically no shortcut.

Personally, I think the same applies to entire culture of discipline in whatever endeavors.

Don’t simply alter just because it’s aged, don’t try to fix something that is not broken.

You can enhance but you got to bear in mind the roots and take care not to damage them.

One of the biggest virtues in my book is remembering the source; respect your ancestors and all those who walked before you.

This is the kind of value that makes us “human”.

And before any of you start calling me pigheaded or outdated, I just want to say that I am anything but.

I love all the new things that pop up ever so often; coming from a place like Singapore, it’s hard to not keep up with the times……..

But I also remember what was taught to me by many elders including my father:-

“Embrace the new but never never forget the old”.

The best of both worlds … to speak.

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