North & South.

October 1, 2009

Hahaha, must be growing on in years – old even!!!

The name of the form in the preceding entry, which I missed out, is “YiZhiMei” in Mandarin or “Yi Ki Buay” in Fukien dialect and it means “1 stalk of blossom”…..

I sometimes like to think it suggests from this “1 stalk” you get a multiplicity of flowers

Anyway, that is just me and what do I know hahahaha…….

What I do know a little is a discussion that took place when the masters gathered in Penang a couple of years back and they were discussing the major “differentiation” between northern and southern boxing.

One master remarked that many northern kung fu were either spin offs or remnants of army fighting systems and this is still characterised by the forms and even the straightforward approach to fighting – nothing fancy or flamboyant – just go in there and get the job done.

The forms were planned for an entire army contingent drill – in rows and moving in one direction and then back.

And many forms are segmented into parts known as “roads” with a start/stop in each so that you could just train a particular segment – all very regimental.

Think about how many northern forms that are named with part numbers as opposed to southern forms which are usually given more “poetic” names…..

Even “kuits” or “fist poems” between northern and southern forms show distinctly different emphasis.

These days many folks associate northern styles with modern wushu which, personally, is kind of unfortunate.

Wushu,  more entertainment than anything, really impinged on both northern and southern styles equally.

Most folks just don’t know northern styles enough to see this.

Hey, it is like in southern styles, not all that hand flapping equals “White Crane”.

Okay … here is a little “Baji” that I think illustrates my points of northern styles to a certain extent …..

baji single techniques applications_Page_08

baji single techniques applications_Page_10

baji single techniques applications_Page_11

baji single techniques applications_Page_12

baji single techniques applications_Page_13

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