One form – entire lifetime.

September 30, 2009

Okay, the form that brings back ton of memories ….. there I was a kid of 11…12 maybe and going thru the paces in a class full of grown-ups …..half of the time not even sure what I was doing.

Even now, after I don’t even know how many times doing this form, I am still “discovering” new facets.

Exactly like what my other Sifu taught – if it’s good, you only need one!

I don’t know, Ven Sek must have taught 100 of forms in his lifetime but this is the one form that I think defines his Shaolin or more popularly “Saolim”.

This and his “Lohan”.

So here is the full form in pictures.


shaolin forms_Page_1213

click on thumbnails for full size.

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