Yinyang Baguazhang – Lion Style ; 田氏阴阳八卦掌 — 狮形掌

September 29, 2009

Goggle “lion in kung fu” and chances are you’re going call up more on “lion dancing” than lion styled fighting .

So far, I’ve spoken about Southern Fukien Golden Lion; now widespread amongst the Fuzhou communities but outside of that, you don’t really hear about any other stand alone “lion” style.

You see the lion in some 10 animals forms and essentially that’s it. I was told of a whole “lion” form done by some lines of Cantonese Shaolin or Siu Lam and the form is named “Double lion playing with a ball” but this has proven to be elusive even until now.

The Jin Wu folks do their northern lion dancing and one of their routines is named the same, I think.

Now, I might be totally wrong here but I don’t think lions were that common in Chinese; a little goggle and I found very little about this subject; other cats yes but the lion ………

Maybe in the western regions, the close proximity with countries like India, Kazakhstan…some lions might have made it through there back then …. I don’t know.

So as far as I do know, the most familiar lion in China must be the “stone lion” or Shishi – a stylized figure of a snarling lion. Its original significance was as a guardian presence in a Buddhist temple. Shishi are often created in pairs, with the male playing with a ball and the female with a cub.

When the Chinese left China, these “stone lions” traveled with them  and that’s how they proliferated.

Hey, we even have big businesses here with buildings guarded by these  stone lions; more a “wind water” thingy, I reckon

And before I go any deeper into stone lions, here’s a form of Pak Kua that is based on the lion.

lion pak kua_Page_006

lion pak kua_Page_007

lion pak kua_Page_041

lion pak kua_Page_183

lion pak kua_Page_185

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