Crane? Where is the Crane ???

September 26, 2009

Wuzuquan bears resemblance to Hequan and Taizuquan more than the other three arts. It was composed no more than 200 yrs ago. There are three main lineages of the art Chee Kim Thong is well known and respected that is true, there is the Singapore lineage as well as the Malaysian did you know of that one (or even the philipines and China). Actually in sth east asia there are many great masters residing that have been acknowledged as treasures, as there are many outstanding individuals that kept the arts during the difficult years of the cultural revoloution outside Mainland PRC.
Whether it was the origin of Karate is also disputable as Fujian White Crane bears more resemblance to Goju Ryu, whilst Fujian Tiger Fist bears resemblance to Uechi Ryu.
In fact one of the masters of White crane was the master of the founder of Goju Ryu Ryu Ryuku …
Likewise Uechi Ryu Founders have had communication with Zhou He Zi one of the Masters of Fujian Hu Quan.

The resemblance between Wuzhuquan and karate is not direct rather both through their foundations of white crane. In fact the founder of Wuzhuquan was a complete Master of White crane solely before spending 10 years travelling to develop the wuzhuquan art. So in fact he had to lines of students those of white crane and those of Wuzhuquan.

Much has been written about Wuzu or Ngo Chor ……..

I kind of like the above that I found in KFO forum archive, something written by “Shaolin Master” or “Sifuwu” as he calls himself over on youtube.

Singapore, my hometown, has her own tradition/lineage of Wuzu with the late GM Kan Teck Guan who is also highly spoken of as a “Yong Chun White Crane” expert.

Yes, I agree that the most obvious in 5 Ancestors are Grand Ancestor and White Crane but then again, like I said before, overlapping as far as White Crane and Taizu is also broad…if you care to look at the 2 and compare.

Here in Sarawak, beside GM Kan another GM also left a strong Wuzu legacy and that is Lee Chai Ruan who penned a book on the topic of “Crane Boxing”

Still fondly remembered by many Wuzu elders around here, many of GM Lee feats are frequently recounted over many tea sessions……love those……

Personally, with hands on-experience in Lohan, White Crane and TaiZu over the last 44 yrs, I can vouch to the fact that learning is relatively easy … it is the “mastering” that you’ll need another 44 yrs….at least.

To quote another Wuzu giant; the late GM Chee Kim Thong of West Malaysia :-

“Take 3 yrs for a small achievement and 5 yrs for a big achievement”.

And before anyone of you think that I am “insatiable” in doing so many styles, I just want to say that my kung fu path is planned for me by my dad and uncles.

It takes me 44 yrs to see why ……

Hey, I am a slow learner okay?

Without further ado, here are some Wuzu scans that could be easily mistaken for “White Crane” … at least to me:-

nanquan 1_Page_046nanquan 1_Page_050nanquan 1_Page_051nanquan 1_Page_058

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