From my email box.

September 25, 2009

Just got in (it is 10:30 pm here in Kuching) after spending about 3 hrs at a dinner/meeting with 2 doctors (anthropology and history) and my boss in a bistro down town ……….

This is about the book that we are launching 1st quarter next year and the 2 doctors are helping us in their area of expertise. I will be elaborating on this some other time.

Anyway, I was going to take a shower and then sit down to update this blog but I decided to check my mail first.

Besides the usual junk mails, enquiries etc, I got 2 from friends that might prove interesting to you – eeerrrh both “crane” related.

First is a typical one liner of a youtube link from our ever so taciturn friend Mr. Russ Smith of Florida.

An old gentleman doing a couple of crane forms in the old-fashioned manner – reminds me of some elders in the Fuzhou Clan Association in Singapore. Equally if not more taciturn, these Fuzhou elders loved to just go into some of the very same movements spontaneously sometimes and then just walk away without offering any explanation of what they do.

Hmmm, I think Russ and these Fuzhou elders would do well together…..

The second is from Yong Chun White Crane Martin Watts; I think he is still in Majorca somewhere, and this is about a baby carrier that he is marketing….anyway this is his site here.

Now if this carrier can do cats, maybe I’ll need one or 2 ……

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