Chen Tai Chi.

September 24, 2009

Wooooo, what a day …… round after round of brainstorming, meeting and now I am just so “spent”……

And folks still think I don’t work for a living……hah!

Okay, a simple entry for today … need to spent more time doing nothing today to recuperate hahaha……

Doing nothing … hmmm……. Can doing be “nothing” …. A paradox???

All right, all right ……back to Kung Fu.

One very popular “allegation” is that Chen Tai Chi is initially/ primarily inspired by Long Fist 32 Postures.

Could this be, some may ask.

Well, if you ask me, just by putting them side by side, it’s not hard to see the likeness ….really.

Just look at some of Chen Tai Chi’s techniques:-

old chentaiji appl_Page_001old chentaiji appl_Page_063old chentaiji appl_Page_117old chentaiji appl_Page_142old chentaiji appl_Page_189

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