Monkey – the southern breed.

September 23, 2009

This is interesting, again from the Nanquan anthology, Southern Monkey Boxing….

Described as:-

  • Mixture of monkey mimicry and southern Shaolin close quarter’s combat skills.
  • “Touching ground and not growing root” – a CKF way of saying being mobile most of the time, a little like most Northern styles.
  • Training forms segregated into 3 ranges. The upper “climbing tree”, middle “piercing heart” and lower “ground monkey”.

Love the way they explain the middle range; essentially sticking and short range fighting, they say it with “monkey taking your centerline, cat washing face”.

Got to tell you I have never seen a stand-alone southern monkey style in action; the closest is probably “Monkey Crane”, a style that was popular in West Malaysia some 20 yrs back.

Caught a performance from them once and found their performance refreshingly different from the standard cranes …..

The other monkey that I know of is Ven. Sek’s Saolim Monkey; mainly “ground monkey” going by the terminology in the book.

Now how exactly is Ven Sek system associated, if at all, to “Southern Monkey” is something that calls for further assessments.

Then there is 5 Ancestor’s monkey component which I was told is capturing the monkey in “spirit” and not so much in actual techniques and training forms.

Hmmmmm … curiouser and curiouser …..

Maybe all parts of a same elephant … maybe.

Anyway, scans from the book and a clip of Ven Sek’s monkey that I posted on youtube a while back.

Oh, scans are from a “climbing tree” upper range monkey form.

nanquan 1_Page_246nanquan 1_Page_267nanquan 1_Page_272nanquan 1_Page_274

nanquan 1_Page_276

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