From North to South.

September 22, 2009

This should be a common supposition to most of you, Emperor Chao Kuang-Yin’s ChangQuan or Long-Fist, generating many other styles of CKF both Northern/Southern internal and external throughout the historical passage of CKF.

I think it’s safe to say that no other form has more far-reaching influence than Emperor Chao or Song’s Grand Ancestor( as he is also known as) 32 postures Long Fist.

And of course we also know of a Southern version of Grand Ancestor Boxing and according to my Sifu, Chao taught folks in Fukien who harbored him when he was injured and fleeing from his pursuing enemies.

Southern Grand Ancestor, if the story is right, pre-dates even Fukien White Crane which brings into question why Grand Ancestor today reeks of White Crane type techniques?

Personally, I always conjectured that White Crane was added into Fukien Grand Ancestor in its later development seeing how big an influence White Crane yields over most Fukien style Boxing.

I was hoping, before I came to Sarawak, to catch a glimpse of Southern Grand Ancestor sans the White Crane touch, having heard about a Hakka’s version of this and as luck would have it, I did manage to hook up with a group of Hakka Grand Ancestor descendants.

Just as I suspected, this version is literally the southern adaptation of the famous 32 postures of Chao Kuang Yin.

I posted a short clip of this before and in the coming weeks; I will be posting stills for easier comparison…

For now, scans of both Northern and Southern Grand Ancestor Boxing…..

Northern Taizu Long Fist 32 Postures:-

Taizu chang quan_Page_038Taizu chang quan_Page_039Taizu chang quan_Page_040Taizu chang quan_Page_041Taizu chang quan_Page_042Taizu chang quan_Page_043Taizu chang quan_Page_044

Southern Fukien Taizu :-

nanquan 1_Page_079nanquan 1_Page_085nanquan 1_Page_086nanquan 1_Page_099nanquan 1_Page_104nanquan 1_Page_105

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