Lian Cheng Quan [连城拳]

September 20, 2009

Another style featured in “Fujian Nanquan Huizong” —– Lian Cheng Quan.

“Lianchengquan is a traditional chinese martial art originating in Liancheng county, in Fujian Province by the Huang family.” …. That short intro comes from the only Lian Cheng clip posted by “sifuwu” over on youtube.

The book says that during the Southern Song era, a 3rd generation Huang traveled to SongShan Shaolin and studied kung fu there.

He brought it back to his Fujian Province and taught what he acquired in Shaolin Temple.

This went on until during the Ching Dynasty when another Huang, a merchant who traveled frequently between Fujian and Zhejiang, met internal/northern experts and together, they shaped the Lian Cheng Quan that you see today.

Not often seen outside of the mainland; hey there’s only 1 solitary clip found on youtube!, this is another one of those northern meet southern mixture.

So folks, the sky is higher and the earth is really really thicker than you’ve imagined.

What is “obscure” to some is general knowledge to others.

Stop making sweeping misleading statements about a culture that you know so little of – it’s not your place!

nanquan 1_Page_107nanquan 1_Page_130nanquan 1_Page_132

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