I am Lion, hear me roar…..

September 19, 2009

And speaking of the Lion, here from “Nanquan Huizong” is a Lion, also referred to “Golden Lion”, form.

Got to keep in mind that many of the forms in “Nanquan Huizong” – kind of like an anthology of Southern Fukien Boxings, are “reworked”.

If you do the “traditional” version, you would know the “discrepancies” – some obvious and some, really subtle.

Still, it is one of the better mainland’s efforts to standardize and compile hitherto, disorganized Fukien styles that almost got wiped out by the Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

For researchers outside the mainland, it provides a glimpse of the roots of many styles that escaped the communists’ purging.

Well, a double-edged sword really….. This whole situation created many arguments of who is more “original” as evident in forums throughout cyberspace.

Personally, inconsequential, as far as you are conscious of what transpired in the last 100 year of CKF history and know what you want.

Simply, stay clear of those that you don’t want and leave them be, there is no right or wrong.

Its little like Mandarin, I grew up learning the old fashioned way, no simplification or Hanyu Pinyin.

But you must know that there are at least 2 generations, in the millions, who are taught nothing but simplified Mandarin and learning to pronounce in Pinyin … so there you go…that’s the new standard.

But talk to any calligrapher and they’ll tell you, the art is not in the new, more functional maybe, version.

To fully appreciate the splendor of Chinese writing, you really got to look at the old ways…….

So what am I after?

As a “fighter” I will absorb anything that works but as a Chinese, in the quest of my forefathers’ culture, I will try to preserve everything in it’s entirety

The Chinese Story, so to speak……..

nanquan 1_Page_217

nanquan 1_Page_220nanquan 1_Page_223nanquan 1_Page_226nanquan 1_Page_242

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