Seattle to Sibu.

September 18, 2009

I was talking to Chas this morning on skype; we were going thru some details of his upcoming visit in November.

So he got about 2 weeks in SE Asia and I am trying to squeeze in as much as possible for him; kung fu, food and sightseeing, now that’s going to take some scheduling.

He was in Kuching the last time he was here and I thought, maybe, this trip I should take him to Sibu to meet some of the masters there.

Got another clip posted on youtube showing some more of Fong Yang Quan, 2 of Master Ting’s students going through a form and some footages we took of jetty area along the Rajang River.

This Rajang River is popularly referred to as the “Mighty Rajang River” because not only is it the longest in Malaysia, it is also the widest, at some point 1 mile wide!

Now that is wide, if you ask me ……

And Fong Yang Quan; the more I view the footages of their forms and training & I got hrs of those, the more I start thinking about the “Golden Lion” Boxing that I used to watch as a kid in Fuzhou Association in Singapore.

That and “Ngo Muay Pai” or “Wu Mei Pai” – another style closely linked with the Fuzhous in Singapore.

I think I will be bringing some of my “Golden Lion” books and videos to show Master Ting to ask for his opinion.

Aha, this November visit is starting to look pretty exciting!!!!

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