The gentle Giant.

September 17, 2009


So this was some 3 – 4 yrs back, there I was having an afternoon coffee with someone I just met at a local coffee shop.

That gentleman, an elderly man, is well-connected with many folks in the Sarawakian CKF scene; I suspect he is a high-hand himself but you would never get that confirmation from him.

It’s been some 4 yrs since we were introduced and still …he declines to reveal what style of kung fu he does except that he picked up a technique or 2 here and there for self-protection. A retired timber worker (lumberjack?), he was spending months at a time in wild forests and moving from spot to spot in make shift base camps…..those were the days…

From him, I learned about the various Hakka, Fukien, Fuchow, Teochew and Henghua associated TCMAs relocated from the mainland to Borneo.

Most Hakka boxing here are, in one way or another, connected to Southern Praying Mantis and Tiger Boxing.

“Nan Zhi Quan” is almost synonymous with the Teochews and it’s no different here. There are still many descendants of this around these parts and one of them, a friend, has agreed to be interviewed and videoed …. So stay tuned….

Nan Zhi could be roughly translated to “Southern Stalk or Branch” and if I am not wrong, the style is named after the founder.

The Henghua community in Sarawak is, largely, descendants of “Butterfly” Kung Fu or “Hu Die Quan”.

This is my next quest, so to speak. From various sources, I am now able to pinpoint this group of Henghuas and with any luck, make contact.

Weeell anyway, that coffee session 3 or 4 yrs back did yield something – I met “Hakka Suppressing Tiger” Master Kong Su Ming, through his introduction.

A subject to be featured in our upcoming book, Master Kong is truly someone you got to touch hands with to appreciate his “kung li”.

Trust me, looks could be very misleading… bruised forearms will tell you that.

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