Sibu Sarawak.

September 13, 2009

Sibu town – you see the “Tua Pek Kong” temple’s pagoda in the background.


Master Xiong De Lu.


Master Ting Huat Yong.


Edmund Wong.


Me doing a little “Fuzhou White Crane” in Master Ting’s school.


Wow, age must be catching up; spend 4 days in another surrounding and I start to get all uneasy, missing my habitual routine, rhythm and, most of all, my 4 cats……

And to top it off, Sibu is not exactly unknown territory to me; I can’t even remember how many times I was there a couple of years back.

That and the fact that I am Fuzhou and Sibu, not too long ago, commonly known as “New Fuzhou” should fit me very well; the language, food and mannerism so typical of Fuzhou.

So why do I feel a little out of place? I don’t know …. Could be I am too used to Kuching these days …maybe…

Well, all things said, the “Kung Fu” there is still treading on very familiar ground.

Working, again with Edmund Wong/Hakka Praying Mantis, Master Xiong De Lu/Wuzu and Master Ting Huat Yong/Fong Yang is still stimulating in every sense of the word.

The trip was hurriedly arranged and to have these 3 rearranging their schedules in order to meet us is something that is much appreciated.

All of them are preparing their own trips out of Sibu to care of personal business.

For me, the most unforgettable segment is the half an hour drive out of Sibu town to a small island to where Master Ting owns a farm and teaches a small class right at the patio of his house.

Imagine driving on unpaved, unlit and full of potholes country road crossing make-shift wooden bridges and ending in a small clearing with a few old houses in the middle of nowhere ….. just so you can watch a traditional Kung Fu training session ….. you don’t get more traditional than this!

And watching these folks in action and hearing them talk about their Kung Fu, you cannot help but think this is the “real” thing.

None of that “self-enlightenment” hippy new-age pseudo gibberish, Kung Fu here is really a part of their life.

The more skilled you are, the better you are at protecting your properties and community.

To them, staying safe and sound is all the “enlightenment” they ever wanted.

Remember, it’s the moon and not the finger pointing at the moon – if you prefer the “grasshopper” talk….hahahaha….

Anyway, this being a Sunday and after 4 days on the road, a little Carlsberg’s time is in order.

Dry your mugs folks !!!

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