Going north ….. to Sibu.

September 8, 2009

Okay, it’s that time again …. Hitting the road and this time to Sibu, about half an hour away by air…..

I will be spending about 4 days there, to assemble materials for our upcoming book and also, Xiong De Lu’s daughter is getting married …… Carlsberg time I tell you !!!

It’s always sticky to try and update this blog on the road but this time, I’ll be traveling with my notebook and modem plus we’ll be shooting the various Sibu masters in action so there is hope yet.

Anyway, before I start packing, another entry about misconception regarding “Northern” style CKFs.

Oftentimes portrayed as “flowery fists and embroidery kicks”, I blame modern wushu and Kung Fu movies for sustaining this mistaken belief.

Northerners are recorded in the history books as “ferocious” warriors and there are good reasons for that; many Chinese elders like to say that if you can survive the super harsh weather up north, you can survive anything.

Every infant is subjected to the law of “survival of the fittest” so to speak and under such tough environment, you can expect everything they do to be pragmatic.

All that decorative dance-like maneuvers you see these days, in Northern wushu, are really quite recent additions, more gymnastics/acrobatics than fighting.

Look at this clip that I found on a mainland site featuring a Chaquan Moslem community and I think you’ll get a better indication of what Northern Kung Fu is really all about.

So until the next time, enjoy …….

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