A little tiger swallow and a big reminder!

September 8, 2009

Doing some digging for a book that we are compiling and I wanted info on Praying Mantis – both Northern and Southern for the backdrop …….

Lo and behold, found this brilliant clip of a very well executed Northern form “Little Tiger Swallow” by one of Dr. Yang students.

So, not all Northern stylists are into postures and frames; they are those who are also training their “dynamic jing” expected of them.

Honestly, this is precisely how I remember most Northern exponents when I was a kid learning the arts.

Most of them in their long sleeves kung fu suits going “pop” each time they lash out with their hands or feet and at the same time, never staying still in one spot.

The more advanced ones were doing a succession of techniques and popping the air …. And I think that’s how the term “machine gun” punching came into being.

Seriously, I really do think CKF practitioners need to rethink and revamp; go back to the fundamentals.

Your roots, energies and your system of releasing jing – these are the raw ingredients that can never be skimped over.

If you don’t have the basics right, don’t try out new stuff, it’s only going to make what you do more fuddled; a case of not here not there!

Without the roots, the tree can not grow.

Unless, all you want is nothing more that frames and postures …… a nice car body without a good engine ……..

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