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September 7, 2009

Hey Teacher Monkey…to each his own! Get used to it; and, “Get Polite, or Get Deleted!”

sjander29 (16 hours ago)



Interesting! Some very good & practical techniques amidst all the” Long Fist Pretty Stuff.” Thanks for posting this!

TeacherMonkey (9 hours ago)



You are an idiot…..

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Above is a cut and paste from my “Fukien/Fuzhou Lohan” clip over on youtube…….

And also a reason why I stop “interacting” online – folks with no faces, a fictitious name and brazen attitude just slamming one and another because of divergent views…….and we are all supposed to “worthy” of the arts…..makes me wonder……

I don’t really agree with “TeacherMonkey” that all “Long Fist Pretty Stuff” is useless, my hands on experiences with Long Fist stylists and collection of materials have persuaded me otherwise a long time ago…. That they are as good as any when it comes to the business of fighting…..

Personally, I think “Long Fist” got too much bad press because of their association with the birth of “modern” wushu and if you think about it, many mainland southern styles are also being “pretty up” for sports and entertainments.

Just take a look at how White Crane is done on the mainland, Taiwan and SE Asia and you’ll see the fluff very obviously; mainland China tops everyone in making forms really entertaining.

And for what it’s worth, they are doing a splendid job by peddling their versions of “wushu” and as long as there are willing buyers, hey, there are breaking no “laws”……

For serious seekers, you got to learn to separate between what’s nice and what works….

We say in Chinese: – “The good stuff are at the bottom” or “Ho Liao Tim Tway” in Fukien.

With this as a guide, you’ll get more than expected looking at any forms from anywhere ……

Ahem ahem, now having said all that.. Here’s another mainland book, “Shaolin 13 Seizes”, that if you are patient … you’ll find some really good stuff … at the bottom of course!


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