Through The Back.

September 5, 2009

One of few English forums that I still browse these days; Mantis Quarterly …. Where you still find Kung Fu exchanges proper and some of the posters, like Robert Hui (mantis108) sharing first-rate info.

Then off course, you also have other forums where there is a lot of pretending going on  & folks making up stuff and yelling at one and another … well, you know what I am talking about ….

Here’s a little something written by Robert:-

“IMHO Tongbei (through the back) is a more modern and umbrella term for a chopping and smashing type of MA known as Pigua. Today Tongbei is almost synonymous with Baiyuan Tongbei (White Ape Through the Back) In Ming or Qing dynasty the generic term for Pigua styles would be Tongbi (through the arms). Tongbi and Chang Quan (long fist) mechanics are quite in contrast with each other; hence, in the 18 family poem, they are listed together as symbolically father and mother of 18 Luohan Duan Da.

2) I talked to a Fanziquan friend who is from Beijing. He believes that Pigua category styles include Baji, Tongbei, Pigua, and Sanhuang Paochui. Often, a person begins their study from Baji and gradually moves onto Sanhuang Paochu in his view.

3) I believe that the Shan Nian (Jim Nim) drill of the HK Qixing is pretty much the Sanhepao”

Yup, the topic is Tongbei and relation to Praying Mantis.

Here are some Tong Bei applications and maybe it would give you a better idea of what Robert is talking about ….

tongbei san shou_Page_082tongbei san shou_Page_087tongbei san shou_Page_088tongbei san shou_Page_090tongbei san shou_Page_093tongbei san shou_Page_098

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