Red red ….errrrh fists…

September 3, 2009

Hong quan/red fist

History:This is a Northern long fist school that is often synonymous with Shaolin. Its origin is unclear, but some attribute it to Song Taizu, the first Song emperor. Others believe that the word Hong is used because as an analogy to “bright” or “good looking”. Because of this ambiguity and the overlap with the popular Southern style Hung Gar, this has been one of the most muddled terms in Gungfu.

Hong Quan focuses on absorbing the adversary’s energy with a soft outside and a hard inside. Many of its forms are an important part of the Shaolin Temple curriculum. These include xiaohongquan (small red fist), dahongquan (big red fist), zhonghongquan (middle red fist), laohongquan (old red fist), fenhongquan (pink fist), taizuhongquan (first emperor fist), erluhongquan (second form red fist), guangxihongquan (Guangxi province red fist) and changshaohongquan (long and short red fist)……..more about other styles, click here.

Yeah Yeah I know, this is going back to Northern styles.

But having spoken before about this all important traditional style, Red Fists, classified by many as one of the initial “offshoots” of Shaolin, I thought a clip is fitting.

I remember how, as a kid, sitting around and listening to elders talked about CKF, “Hong Quan” was often brought up.

Always portrayed as playing a major role in the evolution of later CKF ….. both northern and southern.

If you are familiar with southern Lohan, you’ll know what I mean…..

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