Hard or Soft, its all Crane to me.

September 2, 2009

Okay, to response to the mail about “hardness” in Crane, what I said is that within the context of Southern Fukien/Fuzhou White Crane, some styles are relatively “harder”.

And that we should not be too concerned with this varying “hardness” or “softness”; to begin with, Fukien White Crane is never “hard” like some other CKF.

Being overly hard takes away the distinctiveness of Crane boxing.

Look at the clip I attached, culled from a mainland documentary, you don’t see that “start/stop” kind of execution; everything is kept in that flowing smooth rhythm.

From Ancestral or Shaking Crane to Fukien Shaolin Crane, you see this quality….since the clip doesn’t include Yong Chun or the Mother Crane, you now see Feeding Crane coming across as the “hardest”.

Just in case you can’t read from the clip, it starts with Shaking, Singing, Feeding and ends with Shaolin White Crane….

It’s like we say in Singing Crane or MingHe :-

Techniques don’t start or stop.

Every technique flows from one into another.

All following the laws of the 5 elements.

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