Hard, soft, ice and water.

September 1, 2009

Back to the “Crane”; something from Yong Chun White Crane or the mother Crane….

I got a mail from someone pointing out that, on the whole, YCWC is relatively “harder” than latter days’ “Fuzhou” Crane….

Well considering the element, as recorded, YCWC is essentially Shaolin added with what Fang created; the small stepping footwork, hands tucked in and using the whole body to generate the driving energies behind the techniques in that “explosive” whipping manner – all nicely concentrated in present day’s Yong Chun White Crane. Even the “butterfly knives” are reduced, in size, to suit a more petite exponent.

Fuzhou Crane, in its various forms, has added influence in its evolution; in many cases, “internal” arts are involved.

So the observation that Fuzhou Cranes are “softer” is not without merits…..

But you know what? Hard or soft should not pre-occupy any Crane seeker; like my late Sifu taught – hard or soft, it is just like ice and water – a state of mind and body…..

Here’s something that I found on a mainland site:-

Yong Chun White Crane’s “White Crane Displays Wings” and “Crane Wings’ Knives”.

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