The truth is out there.

August 31, 2009

The history of Dragon style has historically been transmitted orally rather than by text, so its origins will probably never be known in their entirety. Modern Dragon style’s history can be reliably traced back to the monk Tai Yuk Sim See who was the abbot of Wa Sau Toi (White Hair) temple on Mount Luofu. No reliable records of the style’s origin prior to that exist, though there is much speculation regarding the subject.

Dragon style has roots in Hakka Kuen, a combination of the local styles of the Hakka heartland in inland eastern Guangdong with the style that the monk Gee Sim Sim See taught in Guangdong and the neighboring province of Fujian in the 1700s.

North of the Dongjiang in the northwest of Bóluó (博羅) County in the prefecture of Huizhou in Guangdong Province is the sacred mountain Luófúshān. Luófúshān is the site of many temples, including Wa Sau Toi where, c. 1900, a Chan (Zen) master named Tai Yuk taught Dragon style to Lam Yiu-Kwai, who in turn passed the art on to the many students of his schools in Guangzhou.

Lam Yiu-Kwai and Cheung Lai-Chuen were good friends from their youth in the Dongjiang region of Huizhou, longtime training partners and later cousins by marriage. Lam and Cheung would open several schools together, and Dragon style and Cheung’s style of Bak Mei share many similarities.

A variation of the Dragon style is taught by the Long Choo Kung Fu Society based in Penang, Malaysia and with branches in Australia. Founded by Li Ah Yu and his father near the turn of the century, this association claims it is teaching a Soft / Hard Dragon style originating from Fukkien province….from wikipedia.

…… much speculation regarding this subject indeed …. If you just compare what I found on wikipedia and theory of origin in one of my “Lung Ying” books.

But then hey, with so much histories handed down without any proper recording, what do you expect?

And now that the world is so connected, everyone meeting and discussing, disparities are bound to surface.

So it’s either agree to disagree or stop talking to one and another.

Of course all this is discounting the surfacing of self-taught wannabes with absolutely no proof of any lineage rewriting “histories”…..

Make me appreciate all the current efforts, both on the mainland and elsewhere, where families are compiling their genealogy proper.

Again, with the world so connected …. It’s not so easy to get away with all that spinning…..

Ooookay, enough of that, now a few pages from one of my Lung Ying books featuring forms that include “Ying Jow” or “Eagle Claw”.

lung ying_Page_074lung ying_Page_075lung ying_Page_078lung ying_Page_083

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