2 Qin Na or not 2 Qin Na?

August 29, 2009

Still on Qin Na …. 2 man prearranged routine this time.

Mention this and most of us would start thinking Jinwu, many early works on Qin Na, inevitably feature some of their routines.

One of my earliest books is a hand drawings illustrated form …. Now now, where is that book – I really got to be more organized … but since I will be moving soon; my current lease is up , I might as well wait until I move into my new house…..hahahaha spoken like a real procrastinator….

But, the truth is, I love my “organized chaos” …… just like an authentic Bali garden …..hahahaha….

Okay, Qin Na 2 man; apparently during the early days of “modern” Wushu, many competition forms of this genre were assembled.

Many, again to my eyes, are based on the same JinWu design…..but if you look closer, you’ll find some good old Qin Na techniques at work.

And of course this being competition materials, you just gotta add in some flips, rolls and air-borne techniques.


Because it’s there ………… hahahaha……

Here ‘s a 2 man Qin Na set that is more “grounded”.

qinna 2 man_Page_146qinna 2 man_Page_063qinna 2 man_Page_064qinna 2 man_Page_107

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