Seize & Control.

August 28, 2009

qinna old

From Dr. Yang Jwing Ming website:-

“Qin-Na (Chin Na) means “Seize and Control” and is one of the four major elements of any martial arts training (kicking, punching, wrestling, Qin-Na). It comprises of techniques specializing in joint locks, cavity press, and muscle/tendon grabs to subdue and control opponents.
The successful execution of any Qin-Na technique relies heavily on skill and practice, as proper angling, timing, application of pressure and leverage are all essential keys to making it effective.

Dr. Yang is spot on; Qin Na is one of the integral elements of any martial arts training, regardless of whether you know it as “lop sau”, “khim kar” or “ma chiu” …… lop sau is in Cantonese, Khim kar in Fukien and ma chiu in Fuzhou.

To seize and control is the broad concept of course, some styles do the seize and hit and others, seize and throw etc etc  … the combination are “infinite”.

Many books, some going back to the 30s, have been published on this topic. Most are very informative in areas like how to apply techniques and inflicting pain to tendons, joints and nerve points.

Then there is a comprehensive series on 2 men drills; many northern styles have this as an essential component of their training.

I want to single out one book, for now, that included Qin Na techniques against a weapon bearing opponent.And we are not talking knives or daggers here …



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