August 27, 2009

Wudang Mountaiin.

From wikipedia :-

In kung fu legend, Wudang is often associated with the jian, or sword, much as Shaolin martial arts are commonly associated with the staff. The sword techniques were again supposedly created by Zhang Sanfeng, and as with many arts associated with Wudang are based around internal and soft techniques, avoiding direct clashes with the opponent and instead relying on quickness and borrowing the opponent’s power.

The Hall of Yuzhen is the cradle of Wudang kung fu. In 1417, Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhudi (朱棣) decreed Wudang to be the “Grand Mountain” and ordered the construction of the Hall of Yuzhen for Master Zhang Sanfeng.

Now, this is so true.

Those of you who read Wuxia novels must have read how all jian experts are either from Wudang and Hua Shan and Shaolin churns out all the staff high hands.

However, in the last 10 years, many books started appearing about Wudang Kung fu in general.

When I first saw these, I was thinking to myself – now who dress like this anymore looking at the pictures in the books.

Well, it appears that they still do ……. Some kind of uniform for them I suppose.

And their fighting skill sets? Really lean towards “soft” arts in my eyes.

Here’s a book on Wudang that is good for anyone trying to get inside this system…….

wudang duanda_Page_057wudang duanda_Page_270wudang duanda_Page_068

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