Taking it lying down.

August 25, 2009

Here is something that I’ve learned from various sifus in the past and even now, in Sarawak, this is often brought up in my discussion with different TCMA teachers trained in the “old” school.

The concept of “doors” or “gates”.

Many Fukien styles share a common “4th” door principle and the general idea of this is to steer clear of direct line of force, side step and counter attack from a point either to the outside or inside oblique to the opponent; I like to use the term “blind spot” when teaching this.

Usually starting with reacting after an opponent’s initiative, this then progress to just reading and moving into this range the even before your opponent is able to complete his execution.

This, really, is very fundamental CKF fighting concept that every student goes thru’ in the initial phases of learning to fight.

Starting with big movement to eventually seemingly just moving into the opponent the moment he starts something, avoiding at the advance level, by a hairline.

Then you have “hitting 2 or 3 gates simultaneously” made famous by style like Wing Chun for instance.

So far we are talking about 4 doors altogether. The “5th and 6th” is something that is confined to styles that advocate ground fighting and airborne techniques.

The 5th is below the waist and the 6th refers to above the shoulder taken at oblique angles.

So which style specialized in these 2 gates?

The one that comes to mind straightaway is “monkey” boxing.

And if you have a chance to watch Ven. Sek’s Saolim Monkey, you’ll know exactly what I am trying to describe.

Exponents of this are either on the floor or leaping into the air to execute their techniques.

So, here are some techniques, done when on the floor that could easily pass off as “monkey” style CKF…….

sanda throws_Page_225sanda throws_Page_226

sanda throws_Page_227sanda throws_Page_228sanda throws_Page_229sanda throws_Page_230sanda throws_Page_231

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