Take the floor, folks……

August 25, 2009

So everybody is talking about it, the latest flavor in town ….. going horizontal.

And of course you’ll also hear how this is a “new” thing that grew in the west and how fighting in the cage is the “ultimate”….

Okay, I am not going to refute that when it comes to mass communication and entertainment; prize fights TV syndication and capturing popular attention; the west is the real seasoned pro.

Man, these are folks who are able to turn wrestlers into rock stars with big bucks merchandising to boot …. What can I say?

But to say Asians are only concerned with stand up fighting is really, misleading.

Many styles include floor work in their repertoire albeit in varying degrees.

The many Silats in this part of the world have very developed grappling, take downs and control techniques, some very exclusive that you don’t really see elsewhere.

The Indians got got their “Gusti” …… watch clips.

The Chinese got their “Ground Dragon”, “Ditang” and “Python” besides the standard “Chinese Wrestling” which according to many was exported to Japan and later evolved into the many grappling and throwing arts you see today.

Well, personally, I got a small collection of books on “Chinese Wrestling” that I going to post slowly.

Here to start of, a couple of pages from “Sport Wrestling” – the kind that is competed in the Olympics.

freestyle wrestling_Page_086freestyle wrestling_Page_080

freestyle wrestling_Page_097

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