I am Iron Man.

August 25, 2009

From Wiki :-

At its most specific, Northern Shaolin refers to the style disseminated by Gu Ruzhang (Cantonese Ku Yu Cheung). In its broadest sense, Northern Shaolin (Chinese: 北少林;Pinyin: běishàolín, Cantonese: Bak Sil Lum) refers to the external (as opposed to internal)martial arts of Northern China referring to those styles from the Northern Shaolin Monastery inHenan.

Read full article here.

guluchang iron palm_Page_1guluchang iron palm_Page_2guluchang iron palm_Page_3guluchang iron palm_Page_4guluchang iron palm_Page_5guluchang iron palm_Page_6guluchang iron palm_Page_7

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