“Classical” Techniques.

August 24, 2009

Some more scans from another book peeking into “classical” techniques culled from various forms of assorted styles.

Somebody once said this to me; techniques are techniques, no matter what you call it, a punch is punch and a kick is a kick.

True, true and so very true.

There are only so many ways the body can move; I am not going to disagree with that.

But then again, personally, it’s the way, the “flavor”, that special “nuances” if you like, that distinguished them into stylized art forms.

I know, this is subjective and personal even but I don’t think I’m very wrong.

Hey, if you were to contrast expressions of the Korean, Thai, Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese, that innate “flavor” becomes lucidly defined.

How do I explain this?

I like to use noodles for analogy. Most everyone in Asia eat this apart from rice which is, more or less, the staple food.

And I can tell, just by smelling, if I’ve got ramen, chow mien or mee Jawa in front of me.

Okay, maybe not so good assessment but hey, it’s always good to talk about food, no?

Remember what M Oyama said in an interview once when asked what he fears the most?

His answer?


See, I told you I can’t be very wrong…..

Anyway … back to the classical techniques and I am looking at them through my own lenses here.

I see:-

  • Lohan Riding Tiger (Half kneeling stance), some Saolim lines call it “riding dragon”.
  • “Thrice and not touching ground” – a Northern 3 kicks combo usually with a back lifting kick in the middle.
  • Single Leg Flying Crane – a very common technique found in almost every system.
  • “Green Dragon Turning Body” – again familiar in many system. You see this technique sprinkled all over Singing Crane forms.

assorted tcma fight_Page_236assorted tcma fight_Page_237

assorted tcma fight_Page_093

assorted tcma fight_Page_308

assorted tcma fight_Page_230assorted tcma fight_Page_231assorted tcma fight_Page_232

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