It’s no good if you’re dead !

August 23, 2009

Ooookay ….. Rainy Sunday afternoon and all cooped up in my pad …might as well put something up …….

I had mentioned my collection of books on fighting methodologies earlier and here from another of my book, scans of a couple of techniques which I think you’ll like…….

And also mentioned is my penchant of “classical” techniques taken out of forms and utilized in modern scenarios and conditions and here, what you see, is military’s applications.

Actually if you ask me, except for the attires, I think unarmed combat is unarmed combat, no matter when.

When you’re a “professional” like in the military, you just got to be good ….

At least better than the other person you are fighting.

That or you will be doing “spiritual” boxing … whether you like it or not hahahaha…….




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