August 22, 2009

This entry is really more to respond to a question asked by Chas, my senior student in Seattle.

But I thought it is good to share as I am doing a little contrasting between Fuzhou Crane and Hakka Mantis.

The article scans are from an old Hong Kong Magazine and on the first page, in bold, are the 2 Chinese characters meaning “shock” followed by “spring”.

Shock, in Fuzhou Crane, could be both contact kind of shocking like inflicting sudden pain on opponent usually limbs and then follow thru with actual strikes.

Or it could be just deception of any form as a set up for follow thru….

I got no direct experience with the Southern Hakka Mantis in the article but almost all the Hakka masters I worked with in Borneo talk about roughly the same thing.

Shocking and then application of the various “jings” or “energies” that Hakka boxing is so famous for , expressed in a very fast explosive manner within a range that is hard for you to elude.

Just like an arrow ejected from a bow and that’s why the Chinese character for “spring” has a “bow” on the left……

In Fuzhou Crane, we don’t shoot from a bow but rather “crack a whip”……………


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