Saturate before use.

August 22, 2009

Got an email from a gentleman asking – why are you putting up mainly forms and not “fighting”?

Well sir, timing, timing …… there is a time for everything.

But since you asked, here is a sneak preview ……

Just so you know, Sanda, sanshou or free sparring books make up the biggest segment of my library.

Even my own research notes working with masters in SE Asia these last 2 -3 yrs is mainly concentrated on fighting principles of their systems.

“To learn and not use is poor scheme” so goes one Chinese saying………

The scans are from an excellent book illustrating all the ranges of fighting and the best part is that most of the techniques are “classical techniques” – culled from traditional forms.

You see techniques from Monkey, Lohan including iron-head fighting, Chen Tai Chi and throughout the book, many other classical techniques presented in a Sanda format.


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