GM Wan Lai Sheng.

August 22, 2009

The Martial Arts of Wan Lai Sheng

Wan Lai Sheng (also known as ChangQing or nick named XuanWei) was born in FuZhou, Hubei province. He graduated from PeiPing Agricultural University. He was known as a master of the Liu He (Six Harmony), Ziran (Natural) and Shaolin branches of martial arts. He was the disciple of Du XinWu, chief inheritor of the ZiRan or “Natural” school. He was also a student in the Shaolin Six Harmonies style with Zhao Xin Zhou. Exposed to much martial arts he also worked with Luohan Shaolin and masters of specific weapons.

In 1928 the Republic government of China established the famous Central Guo Shu Institute in NanJing. The Institute was headed by five chosen master. Wan was one of these five along with Gu Ru Zhang. He had also be a qualifying finalist, along with Gu Ru Zhang and Guo Cheng Yao in the highly competitive tournament of that year. Then he was brought to fame by winning the Five Provinces North China Tournament in 1928. He also captured First in the First Nanjing Wushu Arena Contest, a well publicized event. He was very active in Kung Fu producing such works as “Teaching Course of Practical Combat”, “Wushu Collected”, “School of Chinese Bone and Traumatology Medicine” and others. His work made him a “literary star” of the Wushu community. He was known to be honest, persistent and kind, especially to his students.

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I think the late GM Wan needs no introduction.

We all know him as one of the greatest boxers of Liu He Quan and ZiRan Men; most books he published talk about these 2.

His Shaolin Luohan (Lohan) is interesting; LuoHan Shen Da or Spiritual Lohan Fist.

Can’t say I know much about this system apart from for a few articles that I’ve got.

The other art that he did was something known as “Taiji Old 13 Postures” – another form that I have not much info………




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